books were my bestfrnds?!

i just watched perks of being a wallflower and realised how much i used to love reading books. its not the same now , earlier a few years ago i wanted a library of my own and now i dont even remember what was the last time i read a book. i was so into stories that whenever, my new English course book came , i used to read all the stories in it , i was not allowed to go to the library or issue a book from my school until i was in 6th grade. i remember my sister issuing a book because they were forced to and i used to read them even though they were wack. that interest of doing so left since i grew up ,and i dont know why i just think maybe its because i am a grown up now or maybe i just didnt get the resources i wanted. i never had a library in town that i could visit , my school had a library but we could only issue some particular books they told us to. my parents never bought me books, i guess they never knew that was one of the things i was interested in. I sometimes wish i had a teacher like Bill in the movie who would give me good novels , which i would read but i never had good teachers like that. i dont have the money to buy books every now and then like that , i dont have a library and now even school is closed. i tried to search good books from my cousin’s old closet , either those books were boring or i had read them. music is doing what books used to do to me , i used to have various kinds of imaginations. i used to read the books at night to sleep ,that is exchanged with phones. haha .

i hope that when i grow up i have a library like belle in beauty and the beast. remember in bojack horseman when diane called it “belleroom

i wish to have a belleroom or even a closet or a small rack or even a table for my favourite novels . i would settle for anything. i have been doing that my small but entire life.

i just hope i dont lose the curiosity of doing so.

what’s the deal with the gen z?

GEN Z whenever you hear this word , what comes on your mind? instagram,filters,woke,protest,twitter,young,stupid and just kids.

gen z is more than just social media

gen z is basically a generation of people born from 1996 to 2015 , but its more than that.They are supposed to be these kids who doesn’t understand what it feels like to be the 90s kids , and oh boy 90s kids hate gen z , they think they are just kids and will never understand what it was before. its true we will never and its for good that we dont.

we are those kids who stick to their phones 24/7 but i dont think thats true , we r more than that , millenials were different and we are too , we are more woke , we arent homophobic, transphobic,racist , we understand other people’ s feeling more and we protest for our rights but deep down we are broken and we need attention, validation and want to be loved. but everybody just thinks we are stupid kids and maybe they are right.

the importance of 1 like

imagine u go on a page and that blog has only 1 like ,you would probably skip it , imagine u go on instagram and see that the post has 1 like , u would probably laugh ,YOU KNOW i would too because likes matter but the difference between instagram and here is that i know a lot of people there , i have an adequate amount of followers and likes.but here i dont know anyone and i have zero followers and if that is constant i would probably quit writing here but today when posted a shitty content and it got like from a person , i was so HAPPY , i know its stupid because its only one like but idk it was different, i felt like i need to write more and i need to do this stuff ,even tho that person didn’t even read that post or liked it by mistake , it motivated me, so here we learn lol we should appreciate small things itty bitty ones too and we shoudl appreciate people when we see then doing something even not that great because that would or could maybe change their life concept.

shitty introduction

hi, i know u dont start a blog with a hi but actually this is my first time writing it and i am just learnin and u know i am really trying to this thing bcoz i have no idea about this shit , yeah u dont curse either, bla bla bla movin on

i am 16 , i am a girl , i am in sophomore year , i dont think that i have any specific talent , i do not have a lot of friends . i am not the prettiest or the smartest gal. but … but yeah so i pretty much suck .

i am tryin to do things to take my mind off all the BULLSHITS in this world or in my LIFE haha but thanks for being here , if u are here lol , i mean obviously i would only have 2 followers , one of them would be ME obviously but yeah i guess this is great.