any person in 2020 who doesnt have a social media account is considered old,boring or even nonexistent.

Perhaps they dont even exist, I mean every freaking body has a social media account, whether it is instagram,facebook,twitter,snapchat,whatsapp,LinkedIn and pinterest.

people use the apps that are more convenient to them. Old people who aren’t too used to technology use apps like whatsapp and facebook. Young people or might say kids use instagram and snapchat. People who r bit of a professional uses apps like LinkedIn and pinterest. And everybody uses twitter because who doesnt want to Express their emotions into a few words and post it not considering the fact that might hurt or offend anyone.

But the real question is ,“Is social media real or is it reel. And the answer would be controversial. You can also find the answer of that question by asking yourself ,“the life that you are Potraying on social media and the life that you are actually living, Are both of them same? or one of them is might a bit exaggerated or a bit more perfect.

obviously you might have found the answer or not so let’s move on with one more example. if u have read my earlier blogs u might remember it ,if not ,let me write it again. Imagine u order a food from a restaurant, it’s something fancy , it comes and u open it. First You take a picture of it and post it. And then u take a bite , it tastes disgusting, the cook spoiled the food, u r about to throw up and give the restaurant a bad rating but then u see notifications from your friends. They are about how that picture made then hungry or they crave food now , emojis portraying their mood and how they gonna order it too.

They got the impression even tho it was not real ,that the food was good. They even changed their choices for that . this is a very small example but social media even makes people change their whole life because of what has been shown even tho it’s not real. This is a very deep topic and I would do more parts on it. Till then remember WHAT YOU SEE ON INTERNET IS NOT ALWAYS REAL.