5 ways to deal with fomo.

fomo means fear of missing out and this is a thing that almost all teenagers go through.And yes i went through that phase of it too. Believe me when i say this its not worth it. FoMo almost ruined and it ruins so many kids . So what u r missing on things right now , u can catch something up else instead .

if u ever feel left out and just ask yourself ,”is it worth it?” and if the answer is still yes , maybe you SHOULD do it , maybe u wont regret it. Maybe u will but its all a part of growing up and nobody will remember it after a year what u did and what u didn’t especially You.

as promised in the title here is how to deal with FoMo in 5 steps :

i)Stay away from social media.

social media is not real life and we all know it as we fake things too but we forget it while we see other people on the internet. have u ever ordered something and it tasted shit but when the other people see the picture of the food ,they might get hungry because of that but YOU know it tasted shit. Its the same with everything on the internet. Social Media is FAKE and we all know it and still pretend to not.

ii)engage yourself in something productive

if u do something productive instead of fun, trust me u will be proud of yourself . it will not be a fun memory but that will help u for sure.

iii) Is it worth it tho? ask yourself.

just look in the mirror and ask yourself,”is it worth it tho?”. You will find the best advice from yourself.

iv)spend time with your loved ones(family)

after yourself no one will help you more than your family and i am not talking about blood family , i am talking the people who come in your mind when u think of yourself after 25 years and they are still there.

v) focus on yourself

take a bath, give yourself a massage , read a book, watch a movie, make some good dish for yourself . u will never feel left out as you are actually the one doing things for yourself.

i know these are not steps that are so workable but i do these when i feel left out and its the worst feeling. These help me and i hope these help you too.