The Importance of Mentors in our lives.

Do u ever feel like u need a mentor?Not a mentor that would teach u ur academic stuff but more like life regarding mentor. Our parents cant be that because they come from a different era when the things were different and instead of helping u , they might scold u for things because at the end of the day they are your parents. Many kids have thier older sibling as mentors. Its good and better because their older sibling had gone through the same things they are going through and they have made the same mistakes. I have seen so many kids looking up to their sibling. It wasn’t same for me as my sister was kinda different from others , we never had a friendship bond or even a bond as kids .When we grew up , we mostly argued about things. Maybe because we were different.People tell me I am the mature one so I have to deal with it .It makes sense because she is still a child inside. Its good for her as she has many mentors that are my cousins. But i dont . I wish i had people who sat and gave me a pep talk but who has a time for that. I have seen my cousins giving pep talks to my sister and I try to take out and learn things from those pep talks that are meant for her .

Having a mentor is a blessing and everyone should appreciate thier mentors.If u dont have a mentor maybe it means that you are your mentor and that is actually good. Because you are mature enough to teach yourself things. I dont think myself as a mature kid. But sometimes I give myself pep talks and stand in the mirror at night and tell myself that,”it sucks right now but it will get better” ,or i would say “u have the potential for it ,u need to just work a bit hard”. And I know it sounds dumb and crazy but it actually helps me.

Be your own mentor , U are da best teacher u will ever have and trust me when I say this,” You know yourself more than anybody.”

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