the importance of 1 like

imagine u go on a page and that blog has only 1 like ,you would probably skip it , imagine u go on instagram and see that the post has 1 like , u would probably laugh ,YOU KNOW i would too because likes matter but the difference between instagram and here is that i know a lot of people there , i have an adequate amount of followers and likes.but here i dont know anyone and i have zero followers and if that is constant i would probably quit writing here but today when posted a shitty content and it got like from a person , i was so HAPPY , i know its stupid because its only one like but idk it was different, i felt like i need to write more and i need to do this stuff ,even tho that person didn’t even read that post or liked it by mistake , it motivated me, so here we learn lol we should appreciate small things itty bitty ones too and we shoudl appreciate people when we see then doing something even not that great because that would or could maybe change their life concept.

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