shitty introduction

hi, i know u dont start a blog with a hi but actually this is my first time writing it and i am just learnin and u know i am really trying to this thing bcoz i have no idea about this shit , yeah u dont curse either, bla bla bla movin on

i am 16 , i am a girl , i am in sophomore year , i dont think that i have any specific talent , i do not have a lot of friends . i am not the prettiest or the smartest gal. but … but yeah so i pretty much suck .

i am tryin to do things to take my mind off all the BULLSHITS in this world or in my LIFE haha but thanks for being here , if u are here lol , i mean obviously i would only have 2 followers , one of them would be ME obviously but yeah i guess this is great.

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