One Road.

If you have ever paid attention in your English literature class you may have come across a poem named,”the road not taken”or you may have heard it somewhere else. The poem is about a poet who comes across two roads diverged in a yellow wood.The context of the poem is that the poet chooses the road that was not taken or was taken not often and that made a difference. The thing is the poem said there were two roads meaning two options for success ,the poet chooses the one that was less taken and was risky.

People found it very inspiring and motivating. Difference between the poem and real life is that in the poem the two roads are available to access for the poet but in real life we don’t have access to more than one path. We have only one road that leads us to one particular destination, I think that the people who outstand themselves make the road for themselves and that extra Road that the person built for themselves to go for another destination closes after he travels from it. Let me make myself clear in the poem the poet has access to two roads which are diverged in a yellow wood which means he has two choices to make ,one choice that everybody made and is where they are successful but this also one more road which are very less people or few people had chosen but that also have made them successful but is risky.He made difference because he gave people the option that they can do whatever they want and not just follow what they were told to.That was actually really inspiring.

The difference in real life is we don’t get two accessible roads we only have one road in front of us that everybody follows and is less risky but unlike the poem , the second road is not accessible, but has to be made , and needs more risk and hardwork. If you want to make a difference you have to make another Road for yourself or another path and that path can only be accessible to you because you made that path and that path closes after the person who made it travels from it .

This all sounds stupid and confusing but if u understood what I meant you will understand that it is real.With the poem and life ,they have a similarity and a difference.Similarity is that there is a road that is the most taken and they all lead to some same place that is at the end success.But the path makes the difference and if u want to make a difference, u need to make urself the path.

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