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Acne positivity’ will make you love your spots.

“Start loving your skin”

Individuals who suffer from acne often feel ashamed of the breakouts, and compensate in various ways. They may hide themselves by refusing to go out with others. Others may grow their hair long or hang it over their face to hide the lesions. Young males who have acne over the shoulders, chest, or back, sometimes refuse to partake in sports like swimming because they have to change in public dressing rooms. Girls may opt for heavy makeup to hide current lesions or acne scars, without bothering about the possible flares the cosmetics might cause.

Acne often makes a person feel extremely unattractive, so that one may lack the self-confidence even to look others in the eye. Such individuals may feel too shy to make friends with the opposite sex. They may face mocking comments from their peers who…

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One Road.

If you have ever paid attention in your English literature class you may have come across a poem named,”the road not taken”or you may have heard it somewhere else. The poem is about a poet who comes across two roads diverged in a yellow wood.The context of the poem is that the poet chooses the road that was not taken or was taken not often and that made a difference. The thing is the poem said there were two roads meaning two options for success ,the poet chooses the one that was less taken and was risky.

People found it very inspiring and motivating. Difference between the poem and real life is that in the poem the two roads are available to access for the poet but in real life we don’t have access to more than one path. We have only one road that leads us to one particular destination, I think that the people who outstand themselves make the road for themselves and that extra Road that the person built for themselves to go for another destination closes after he travels from it. Let me make myself clear in the poem the poet has access to two roads which are diverged in a yellow wood which means he has two choices to make ,one choice that everybody made and is where they are successful but this also one more road which are very less people or few people had chosen but that also have made them successful but is risky.He made difference because he gave people the option that they can do whatever they want and not just follow what they were told to.That was actually really inspiring.

The difference in real life is we don’t get two accessible roads we only have one road in front of us that everybody follows and is less risky but unlike the poem , the second road is not accessible, but has to be made , and needs more risk and hardwork. If you want to make a difference you have to make another Road for yourself or another path and that path can only be accessible to you because you made that path and that path closes after the person who made it travels from it .

This all sounds stupid and confusing but if u understood what I meant you will understand that it is real.With the poem and life ,they have a similarity and a difference.Similarity is that there is a road that is the most taken and they all lead to some same place that is at the end success.But the path makes the difference and if u want to make a difference, u need to make urself the path.


any person in 2020 who doesnt have a social media account is considered old,boring or even nonexistent.

Perhaps they dont even exist, I mean every freaking body has a social media account, whether it is instagram,facebook,twitter,snapchat,whatsapp,LinkedIn and pinterest.

people use the apps that are more convenient to them. Old people who aren’t too used to technology use apps like whatsapp and facebook. Young people or might say kids use instagram and snapchat. People who r bit of a professional uses apps like LinkedIn and pinterest. And everybody uses twitter because who doesnt want to Express their emotions into a few words and post it not considering the fact that might hurt or offend anyone.

But the real question is ,“Is social media real or is it reel. And the answer would be controversial. You can also find the answer of that question by asking yourself ,“the life that you are Potraying on social media and the life that you are actually living, Are both of them same? or one of them is might a bit exaggerated or a bit more perfect.

obviously you might have found the answer or not so let’s move on with one more example. if u have read my earlier blogs u might remember it ,if not ,let me write it again. Imagine u order a food from a restaurant, it’s something fancy , it comes and u open it. First You take a picture of it and post it. And then u take a bite , it tastes disgusting, the cook spoiled the food, u r about to throw up and give the restaurant a bad rating but then u see notifications from your friends. They are about how that picture made then hungry or they crave food now , emojis portraying their mood and how they gonna order it too.

They got the impression even tho it was not real ,that the food was good. They even changed their choices for that . this is a very small example but social media even makes people change their whole life because of what has been shown even tho it’s not real. This is a very deep topic and I would do more parts on it. Till then remember WHAT YOU SEE ON INTERNET IS NOT ALWAYS REAL.

5 ways to deal with fomo.

fomo means fear of missing out and this is a thing that almost all teenagers go through.And yes i went through that phase of it too. Believe me when i say this its not worth it. FoMo almost ruined and it ruins so many kids . So what u r missing on things right now , u can catch something up else instead .

if u ever feel left out and just ask yourself ,”is it worth it?” and if the answer is still yes , maybe you SHOULD do it , maybe u wont regret it. Maybe u will but its all a part of growing up and nobody will remember it after a year what u did and what u didn’t especially You.

as promised in the title here is how to deal with FoMo in 5 steps :

i)Stay away from social media.

social media is not real life and we all know it as we fake things too but we forget it while we see other people on the internet. have u ever ordered something and it tasted shit but when the other people see the picture of the food ,they might get hungry because of that but YOU know it tasted shit. Its the same with everything on the internet. Social Media is FAKE and we all know it and still pretend to not.

ii)engage yourself in something productive

if u do something productive instead of fun, trust me u will be proud of yourself . it will not be a fun memory but that will help u for sure.

iii) Is it worth it tho? ask yourself.

just look in the mirror and ask yourself,”is it worth it tho?”. You will find the best advice from yourself.

iv)spend time with your loved ones(family)

after yourself no one will help you more than your family and i am not talking about blood family , i am talking the people who come in your mind when u think of yourself after 25 years and they are still there.

v) focus on yourself

take a bath, give yourself a massage , read a book, watch a movie, make some good dish for yourself . u will never feel left out as you are actually the one doing things for yourself.

i know these are not steps that are so workable but i do these when i feel left out and its the worst feeling. These help me and i hope these help you too.

The Importance of Mentors in our lives.

Do u ever feel like u need a mentor?Not a mentor that would teach u ur academic stuff but more like life regarding mentor. Our parents cant be that because they come from a different era when the things were different and instead of helping u , they might scold u for things because at the end of the day they are your parents. Many kids have thier older sibling as mentors. Its good and better because their older sibling had gone through the same things they are going through and they have made the same mistakes. I have seen so many kids looking up to their sibling. It wasn’t same for me as my sister was kinda different from others , we never had a friendship bond or even a bond as kids .When we grew up , we mostly argued about things. Maybe because we were different.People tell me I am the mature one so I have to deal with it .It makes sense because she is still a child inside. Its good for her as she has many mentors that are my cousins. But i dont . I wish i had people who sat and gave me a pep talk but who has a time for that. I have seen my cousins giving pep talks to my sister and I try to take out and learn things from those pep talks that are meant for her .

Having a mentor is a blessing and everyone should appreciate thier mentors.If u dont have a mentor maybe it means that you are your mentor and that is actually good. Because you are mature enough to teach yourself things. I dont think myself as a mature kid. But sometimes I give myself pep talks and stand in the mirror at night and tell myself that,”it sucks right now but it will get better” ,or i would say “u have the potential for it ,u need to just work a bit hard”. And I know it sounds dumb and crazy but it actually helps me.

Be your own mentor , U are da best teacher u will ever have and trust me when I say this,” You know yourself more than anybody.”

books were my bestfrnds?!

i just watched perks of being a wallflower and realised how much i used to love reading books. its not the same now , earlier a few years ago i wanted a library of my own and now i dont even remember what was the last time i read a book. i was so into stories that whenever, my new English course book came , i used to read all the stories in it , i was not allowed to go to the library or issue a book from my school until i was in 6th grade. i remember my sister issuing a book because they were forced to and i used to read them even though they were wack. that interest of doing so left since i grew up ,and i dont know why i just think maybe its because i am a grown up now or maybe i just didnt get the resources i wanted. i never had a library in town that i could visit , my school had a library but we could only issue some particular books they told us to. my parents never bought me books, i guess they never knew that was one of the things i was interested in. I sometimes wish i had a teacher like Bill in the movie who would give me good novels , which i would read but i never had good teachers like that. i dont have the money to buy books every now and then like that , i dont have a library and now even school is closed. i tried to search good books from my cousin’s old closet , either those books were boring or i had read them. music is doing what books used to do to me , i used to have various kinds of imaginations. i used to read the books at night to sleep ,that is exchanged with phones. haha .

i hope that when i grow up i have a library like belle in beauty and the beast. remember in bojack horseman when diane called it “belleroom

i just hope i dont lose the curiosity of doing so.

what’s the deal with the gen z?

GEN Z whenever you hear this word , what comes on your mind? instagram,filters,woke,protest,twitter,young,stupid and just kids.

gen z is more than just social media

gen z is basically a generation of people born from 1996 to 2015 , but its more than that.They are supposed to be these kids who doesn’t understand what it feels like to be the 90s kids , and oh boy 90s kids hate gen z , they think they are just kids and will never understand what it was before. its true we will never and its for good that we dont.

we are those kids who stick to their phones 24/7 but i dont think thats true , we r more than that , millenials were different and we are too , we are more woke , we arent homophobic, transphobic,racist , we understand other people’ s feeling more and we protest for our rights but deep down we are broken and we need attention, validation and want to be loved. but everybody just thinks we are stupid kids and maybe they are right.